Celine Xuereb

Celine Xuereb


Celine is responsible in ensuring the smooth day to day running of the business. Her responsibilities include, amongst others, coordinating the finance function and maintaining a Customer Relationship Management approach through her interaction with clients, suppliers and other service providers of the company.

She is a first class Management Honours graduate from the University of Malta; where she wrote a dissertation focused on the “Causes and Effects of Delays in Maltese Construction Projects”. Additionally, as part of her extra-curricular activities she held the posts of Public Relations Officer of the Association of Students of Commercial Studies; Student Representative for the Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy; as well as a Member of the Students’ Council Social Policy Commission.

Thereafter Celine attained her Masters in International Business from Grenoble Graduate School of Business (France); where her thesis focused on “Factors Hindering Maltese Companies Operating in the Domestic Construction and Hospitality Industries from Internationalising”.

She is an avid dancer and loves trekking & mountaineering, being on course to climb the 7 summits with 4 to go.